Customized development of visual algorithms
For some complex and high-standard detection requirements, we can provide customized services for visual algorithms according to the actual needs of users. Based on the fully developed AGILE VISION fast algorithm development tool platform, we can be in a short time. The algorithm can be customized. Our professional hardware solution technical team can also provide users with visual hardware solutions based on actual application scenarios and detection requirements.

For the ability to configure the visual hardware solution, it can complete the picture shooting of the item to be tested, but due to the high precision requirements of the test items, the items to be tested are difficult to identify, the detection content is too complicated, and the interference factors are too many, the standard software or case cannot be realized. Or to meet the requirements, we can customize according to the product pictures and testing requirements taken by the customer.
1. We can customize the algorithm: defect detection vision, size measurement, complex item location, integrity, character recognition, barcode detection, etc.;
2, service objects: system integrators, equipment manufacturers with a certain visual basis.