Software Description

AGILE VISION is a free and fast algorithm development tool platform. Its core competitiveness lies in greatly reducing the skill requirements of algorithm developers, reducing the difficulty of algorithm development and improving the efficiency of algorithm development. Through "modularization of algorithm composition", "graphicalization of the development process" and "intellectualization of design assistant", the development of visual algorithm becomes simple and efficient. In response to the visual using of different industries, the work of adjusting, validating, testing, perfecting and outputting can be completed very quickly, so that a customized visual algorithm can be completed in a few days. The powerful algorithm module of AGILE VISION provides users with a comprehensive and integrated development environment, which enables developers to quickly create complex algorithmic engineering.

AGILE VISION consists of the menu bar, toolbar, operator library, algorithm editing, and debugging area, display area, parameter configuration window, thumbnail, status bar and so on.