IDE Integrated Development Environment

AGILE VISION is a highly integrated development platform. It can directly acquire images from local data, devices and even remote environments for the development. In the main editing interface of the tool, the user can create the algorithm directly by calling, dragging, arranging and connecting the modules. According to different needs, the algorithm can be adjusted and modified in hundreds of cases. At the same time, the tool also has the function of parameter intelligent configuration. The parameter configuration tool of the module will automatically configure according to the data flow.

Modularization of Algorithmic Composition

        AGILE VISION encapsulates all basic program codes into modules and composes algorithmic engineering by arranging and connecting operator modules. Operator module is divided into the basic module, arithmetic module, vision module, and advanced module according to its function. Users can combine the required modules to complete the creation of the algorithm. In this way, developers can omit the process of code editing, debugging, error checking and so on. At the same time, it reduces the professional and technical requirements of mathematics and graphics and makes the algorithm development simple.

In order to facilitate the using, we provide the function of module self-defined encapsulation. Users can encapsulate common combinations to form a custom function module, which is convenient to call for. For complex engineering projects, the hierarchy of algorithm structure is integrated.

Graphical development process

         When selecting the required modules, each module has a fixed port, the connection between modules can be completed through the connection. In the tool's editing interface, through dragging, arranging, connecting, the algorithm process is clear at a glance. Each module has a detailed function introduction and pin definition, which is convenient for users to inquire in real time.

Intelligent Design Assistance

In the process of connection, the system will automatically judge the reasonableness of the algorithm data stream, the wrong connection will not be completed, the part with problems will give error info, the configuration of most modules will run automatically in the background, omitting a lot of error checking time. Users can also view the image changes in the middle process of the algorithm through the "image output" module, which makes the whole development process easier.