Company Profile

Shanghai SEEN-TEK Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research of image and video algorithm. We take the research and development application of machine vision and artificial intelligence technology as our core business. The achievements of machine vision algorithm are widely used in the fields of electronics, machinery, transportation, security, industrial automation and so on. It helps “Made in China 2025” and creates unlimited value for users.

AGILE VISION visual algorithm development platform is a free algorithm development tool based on modularization, graphics, and intelligence. It is the only comprehensive visual algorithm development platform in China that can compete with international advanced technology. The core competitiveness lies in reducing the skill requirement of algorithm developers and the difficulty of algorithm development through innovative development mode, improving the efficiency of algorithm development. The abundant and excellent operator performance of the platform makes users no longer bound by different algorithm requirements so that we can enter the era of intellectualization more easily.

Let the machine see the world with intelligent - perceiving the environment, making judgments and actions; eyes with thinking - to help complete the work efficiently. The company has strong technical research, we are focusing on the field of vision algorithms. The company explores the core algorithms in AI. We have accumulated in image processing technology for many years and can meet the needs of different industries quickly.

The future has come, SEEN-TEK Technology looks forward to working with you to create a new future!